Arid Basement Waterproofing HAS BEEN Serving New Jersey and New York Since 1963

Overview of Basement Waterproofing

The New Jersey, New York area has a notoriously high water table. Though it may not be immediately apparent to homeowners, ground water is constantly shifting below their foundation. When there is significant rain the water table rises and exerts pressure on your foundation. This pressure – known as hydrostatic pressure – will force water to seep into your basement via any seams, cracks, crevices, or pores.

Basement waterproofing is the only way to permanently relieve hydrostatic pressure and stop basement flooding due to ground water.

The primary component of a complete basement waterproofing system is a French drain. Invented in 1859 by Henry Flagg French, the French drain artificially lowers the water table underneath your house by providing an outlet for water before it hits your foundation. 

Once this French drain is installed, you can rest assured that your basement will stay dry and your days of mopping up water are a thing of the past. 

How water penetrates your foundation

Because of its below grade position, basements are vulnerable to water seepage. Water intrusion through the foundation is perhaps the single biggest complaint voiced by homeowner's about their basement. More →

The benefits of basement waterproofing

Arid's basement waterproofing service will do more than just help you sleep easier at night. Having a waterproofed basement will allow you to reclaim more livable space, increase your house's resale value, and prevent the harmful effects of mold on your family. More →

Identifying the source of water in your basement

There are 3 ways that water gets into your basement: ground water, surface water, and plumbing. Identifying the source of your problem is the first step in waterproofing your basement. More →