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How water penetrates your foundation

Because of its below grade position, basements are vulnerable to water seepage. Water intrusion through the foundation is perhaps the single biggest complaint voiced by homeowner's about their basement.

Surface water buildup around the foundation of your home can lead to a leaky basement.  If the soil around your home becomes saturated with water, the extra weight can create pressure that forces water into your home.

When the groundwater levels outside the basement rise above the level of the floor, the basement acts like a boat in a pond. If a boat is sitting in water, water will leak in through any open cracks or holes. It works the same way with a basement. Hydrostatic pressure can even push water through hairline cracks.

This pressure pushes the water into the basement through cracks and joints, with water most commonly being pushed through the floor-wall joint. Hydrostatic pressure on the walls also pushes moisture through the porous concrete of your home, where the drier air inside of your basement sucks it up and makes your basement air more humid.



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Water table

Water table