Arid Basement Waterproofing HAS BEEN Serving New Jersey and New York Since 1963

The benefits of basement waterproofing

Arid's basement waterproofing service will do more than just help you sleep easier at night. Having a waterproofed basement will allow you to reclaim more livable space, increase your house's resale value, and prevent the harmful effects of mold on your family.

When Arid Basement Waterproofing installs a French drain in your basement, you will sleep easier at night not having to worry what you might find in the basement after a storm. But the benefits of basement waterproofing do not stop there.

Add Livable Space

Home owners who regularly have water leaking into their basement, or who suffer from the musty odor of an overly damp basement due to moisture being pushed through the pores of the contrete by hydrostatic pressure, are understandably hesitant to finish their basement for fear of water or mold damage.

Arid's suite of waterproofing services and products will allow you to refinish your basement with confidence. Some homeowners are able to double the livable space in their house, providing space for a play room, guest area, a "man cave," or just more safe storage space.

Resale Value

Time and time again, homeowners who try to sell a house with a wet basement will lose significantly more money on a sale than they would spend to have the professionally waterproofed.

What's more, a homeowner who is able to finish their basement because they have solved their water problems with an Arid Basement Waterproofing French drain can potentially increase the value of their house 10% - 20%.

Prevent Mold & Mildew

Eliminating water seepage in your basement is the most important step towards mold and fungus remediation. Water seepage not only ruins the contents of your basement, it can trigger mold growth which can result in airborne diseases, respiratory issues, allergies, nausea, and a number of other air quality related issues. A properly waterproofed basement eliminates the the seepage that allows these dangerous organisms to grow.

One of the worst things about a damp, leaking basement is the smell of mold and mildew. Moisture, high humidity and condensation is what gives your basement (and its contents) that musty, old smell. By installing French drains and controlling the relative humidity with a properly sized dehumidifier you can permanently eliminate basement odors and stifle mold growth.