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How to Check Your Sump Pump

Posted on August 6, 2010

Here at Arid Basement Waterproofing, we advise our customers in New Jersey and New York to check their sump pumps at least every season or when a big storm is in the forecast.  Testing the pump is fairly easy.  There are two ways you can test the pump, but one is preferred and more thorough than the other.

The first method is to reach down into the sump (pit) and with your finger lift up the float, usually that oblong, black or white ball that hangs off of the sump pump.  By lifting the float on the pump, you trigger the motor on and should hear the impeller (the device that moves the water up the pipe) become engaged and if there’s water in the sump, it will pump it out.  If there isn’t enough water in the sump or none at all, then you will just hear the motor run and no swish of the water up the discharge pipe.  The problem when there is no or little water in the pit and just hear the motor kick on, you don’t know if the impeller is properly working.  It could get stuck which happens from time to time (see below for remedy).

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